Scale without Stress in the Creator Economy!

Welcome to the Creators Kit
Affiliate Program!

The Creators Kit  is a complete system for mastering the Creator Economy. It includes Scale Without Stress, a 7 step, 49 session program as well as 8 fabulous bonuses, including 39 value pathways and Authorship, Media and Technology tracks. 

The Creators Kit is perfect for Executives who want to boost their careers, Entrepreneurs building a business and Professionals who want to expand their practice. Play big without frustration, overwhelm or stress!


If you choose to join our affiliate program, you can invite your audience to join me for a four-part program completely free.

The free offering, Scale Without Stress, includes the following sessions

  • Make Good Money
  • Guide and Be Guided
  • Co-Create the World
  • The Creator's Quest

During the final free session, attendees will receive an invitation to the full program, a 7-section, 49-session course for executives, entrepreneurs and professionals along with amazing bonuses that include:

  • 39 "Value Pathways," sequences of landing pages, email automation and membership areas to attract, engage and deliver for the dream client.
  • 6 months of The Mapshifter's Guild, a mastermind
  • Session notes and additional course materials
  • Membership in the Creators Guild community for Shared Experience mastery.


For every person who signs up for an All Access Pass we will pay you 30% commission on net sales (total sales less any refunds).

Guaranteed Earnings - We also pay $1 for every verified person who opts-in to the free four-part series!

The Creator's Kit is excellent value and we have optimized our conversion funnel, so we are expecting a high percentage of attendees for the free offering to choose to purchase The Creator's Kit.

Participants will be offered the The Creators Kit and all the Bonuses at a significant discount over the course of the free program and for the following four days.

People will also be able to buy the Creator's Kit for several months after the event, though they will not receive a discount or the bonuses.

We will provide you with a 12 month affiliate ID and link so that every person who signs up for the free pass will be tied to you in the event they buy the full package at anytime, even after the initial launch discount ends.


Commission owed will be paid by electronic transfer monthly.

A Few Ways to Increase your Income As an Affiliate for

The Creator's Kit

 Offer a value added bonus for signing up 

  Publish a blog post on the Summit

  - Share one of our banners to your Facebook Page

  Send out a Tweet with your affiliate link for people to sign up

  Send out an email at least 2 times to your list

  Run a Facebook Ads campaign

  Recruit other affiliates and get 5% of their earnings!

Affiliate Promotion Guidelines

 Understand the offering and add value in your communications

 No Spamming

  Email your list as yourself or your own company and make it clear you are promoting the offering

  No Cash Incentives

  No Cookie Dropping

  No Fake Signups (All are manually checked)


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